Brittney Lee Winn


Brittney Lee Winn is a freelance makeup artist, hair stylist, and licensed cosmetologist based out of downtown Los Angeles. With over five years of experience, she has worked on fashion shoots for print and internet, headshots, music videos, film, and runway.

She may be contacted at (310) 567-5537, or via email.

Currently working as key hair & makeup for the short film, "It's Sooo Hostile!" (, written by and starring Keaton Shyler.

Selected Freelance Work:
(Please call or email for contact phone numbers)

2012 Grammy Awards
Hair Stylist for VIP clients at Ritz-Carlton Spa
Jared Jackson Dean, Salon Owner

"It's Sooo Hostile!" Kickstarter Promo
Key Hair & Makeup
Keaton Shyler, Writer & Actress

Assistant hair & makeup
Alison Troy, 2nd AD

Dr. Israel “Gangsta ‘n’ Police” Music Video
Key Hair & Makeup
David Savauge, Director

Makeup & Hair for Headshots
Raul Villareal, Owner & Photographer

The Little Room Studios
Makeup & Hair for Headshots
Eddie Daniels, Owner & Photographer

Jesse Reyna Jr.SS09 Fashion Show
Key makeup for 14 models
Johnny Cubert White, Event Coordinator

Stitches Fashion Collective
Key Hair & Makeup for Catalog Shoot
Michael Vintege, Photographer